Life is busy and other stuff

So I am back after taking time to canvass for the Labour Party’s local candidate Kevin Gillot since December it was a sad day to see the country not only not become a Labour run country but sink back to the despair last seen in the 80’s under the Tories. All those who voted against Labour because someone left a note to say “no money left” or because Ed cannot eat a bacon sandwich or because it was Labour who ruined the world economy I hope you enjoy the next 5 years. It will all start on the 8th June when the chancellor will unveil his cuts he says is to Whitehall but will mean the public service, shares have risen in Capita and Serco on the news the Tories got back in and are rubbing their hands and the prospect of all the services that will be sold off.

Well Cory and I are now ready to help with bat care this summer after both completing the rabies jabs. We are really enjoying working with the Derbyshire bat group with the bat box surveys, bat box erection in a new scheme and a bat walk. Very busy times but it is great to be able to join in and help this creature. The bats are very active at the moment and we are hearing them on the detector in the back garden, a single pip at the moment but we are going to wonder around the village this weekend and see if we can fin some more.

Check out and see the latest tree shears! This complements the crushers they do and is all part of the site clearance machinery they develop. Plus some great videos of heavy machinery!

Well I hope to upload some more photos of the bat work in the next few days. Keep watching.


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