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Bat worker training

So for the past few weeks I have been doing bat box surveys with the Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group (link here) and getting more involved with the group. As such I am looking to do the bat worker training so I can work towards bat care. I have started to read the bat worker handBook and today I go for my first rabies vaccine jab. There are 3 of these to have over the next month or so!

So far the bats I have seen are both pipistrelle, the common pipistrelle and the soprano pipistrelle. The Noctule and the Leisler’s. Pervious pictures of them have been posted here but for more pictures check our the ones on the DBCG webpage. Next event will be at carsington water where in the past I have been sailing with my day and where Cory and I first got interested in bats when the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust held a bat safari.


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